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31 Days of our Favorite Things: Active Directory Gremlins? (Part 27 of 31)

Don't get Windows Server 2012 wet!

Yes, today in our “31 Days of our Favorite Things” series, Matt Hester is talking about Gremlins; specifically, the kinds of nasty things that can happen to an Active Directory domain controller that is virtualized, and when you attempt to restore an old snapshot or a backup of that virtual machine. 

“Ah.. you mean the old ‘Event ID 2095’?  The dreaded USN Rollback?”

Exactly.  AD Replication stops replicating.  Domain controllers stop domain-controlling.  Panic in the streets.  Mass hysteria.  All sorts of not good stuff.

“But, what can be done about it?”

Ah… In Windows Server 2012 we introduce something called the VM-GenerationID attribute.  I’ll let Matt give you all the details, but basically this little item allows a safe restore of an old copy of AD.  It also enables the ability to quickly create new domain controllers as clones of an original virtual machine.  Pretty slick stuff!


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