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31 Days of our Favorite Things: Stupid Active Directory Tricks (Part 25 of 31)

Windows Server 2012Active Directory has been around for awhile (Remember Windows 2000 Server?), and with every new release of the server platform Microsoft has an opportunity to make things better.  Windows Server 2012 was no exception.  There are many improvements to Active Directory, and to the management tools and capabilities, introduced in this most recent version.

“Well.. what are they?”

I’ll tell you.  Actually, today I’m going to let Keith Mayer tell you.  It’s his turn to deliver the next article in our “31 Days of our Favorite Things” series.  In his article today, he introduces you to three new neat and nifty tricks (not necessarily in that order) that you now have in your trick bag in Server 2012.


Are you excited for some of the new capabilities and manageagility (Hey!  I made up a word!) that you get with Windows Server 2012?  Let’s talk about it in the comments!