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31 Days of our Favorite Things: Just when you thought SMB couldn’t get any better (Part 17 of 31)

“SMB?  You mean Server Message Block?”


Your Server.  (Okay.. it was a stretch.)“Better?  It’s just the protocol for accessing files across a network, isn’t it?”

Yes.  But can you use that file share storage for fast, highly available file access and use it for, say, a database file used by the database server?  Or as the location for a virtual machine’s hard disks and configuration; even for a virtual machine running on a virtualization plaform on another server?

“No way!  SMB could never support that kind of performance?”

Ah ha!  Guess again!  In Windows Server 2012 we have improved and included a new version of SMB: SMB 3.0.  (Here is the SMB 3.0 Overview on TechNet, in case you’re interested.)

In today’s installment of “31 Days of our Favorite Things”, my good friend Matt Hester is going to share with you all the details.


Can you imagine what kinds of possibilities this is going to give you?  It’s pretty exciting.  Let’s discuss it in the comments…