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31 Days of our Favorite Things: VMware Should Be Worried (Part 31 of 31)

Here it is! …the last day of the month, and the last day of our series of “31 Days of our Favorite Things”!  And today, my buddy Matt Hester is going to tell you why you should consider Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 over VMware.  In summary: Nothing and nobody scales to support bigger, more… Read more

31 Days of our Favorite Things: Remote Desktop Services (RDS) in Windows Server 2012 (Part 30 of 31)

There’s nothing remote about the chances that Microsoft would make big improvements in nearly all aspects of the platform that is Windows Server.  And Windows Server 2012 is no exception.  In this instance, we’re going to discuss Remote Desktop Services – otherwise lovingly referred to as RDS. “Lovingly?  That’s a bit much, isn’t it, Kevin?”… Read more

31 Days of our Favorite Things: The new CHKDSK. Don’t blink; you’ll miss it! (Part 29 of 31)

Yes, you read that subject line correctly.  We’ve actually improved the volume error detection so much in Windows Server 2012 that you’ll rarely if ever have to run a CHKDSK command to fix it.  And if you do, it will run fast and get out of your way. In our 29th installment of “31 Days… Read more

31 Days of our Favorite Things: Highly Available DHCP in Windows Server 2012 (Part 28 of 31)

We’re in the final stretch of our 31 days, and for today’s article Keith Mayer is going to give you all the details on how you can make DHCP highly available in Windows Server 2012.  “But.. couldn’t you cluster DHCP services before?” Yes, but clustering involves more investment or complexity than some would like to… Read more

I love these kinds of new-feature surprises (Office 2013)

Isn’t it fun when a new feature just shows up in front of you before you even knew about it?  I recently installed Microsoft Office 2013 on my production laptop, and was working on an outline of questions for an upcoming TechNet Radio show we’re recording in a couple of days.  When finished, I created… Read more

31 Days of our Favorite Things: Active Directory Gremlins? (Part 27 of 31)

Yes, today in our “31 Days of our Favorite Things” series, Matt Hester is talking about Gremlins; specifically, the kinds of nasty things that can happen to an Active Directory domain controller that is virtualized, and when you attempt to restore an old snapshot or a backup of that virtual machine.  “Ah.. you mean the… Read more

31 Days of our Favorite Things: Let’s get dynamic with our access control (Part 26 of 31)

So you have files to secure… “Yeah..” And forever you’ve been using security groups in Active Directory, and file and/or share permissions in Access Control Lists (ACLs), right? “Uh huh.  What’s wrong with that?” Nothing.  But what if I were to  tell you that you have some new and very flexible options available to you… Read more

LIVE NOW: Watch it here: Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface Launch

UPDATE: This was live on Thursday, Oct 25, 2012.  Obviously it’s no longer live, so I’ve removed the embedded video window from this post. You can find both the Windows 8 launch and the Surface launch here:   http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/presskits/windows/liveevent2.aspx You may have to click around on the bar to find the place where the actual events… Read more

31 Days of our Favorite Things: Stupid Active Directory Tricks (Part 25 of 31)

Active Directory has been around for awhile (Remember Windows 2000 Server?), and with every new release of the server platform Microsoft has an opportunity to make things better.  Windows Server 2012 was no exception.  There are many improvements to Active Directory, and to the management tools and capabilities, introduced in this most recent version. “Well….. Read more

31 Days of our Favorite Things: Windows Server 2012 and the RSATs (Part 24 of 31)

RSAT stands for Remote Server Administration Tools.  This is the toolset that IT Pros have come to know and love, because it is the toolset that lets them keep sitting at their desks. “You mean, it contributes to the obesity epidemic in America?” Well.. I wouldn’t go that far.  But it certainly doesn’t help.  And… Read more