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Full of I.T. Shark Week!: Chuck Norris and PowerShell Scripting

Okay.. here's the REAL Shark Week

I received this question at a TechNet Event IT Camp in Minneapolis a few months ago…

Mike Chuck Norris

Can Chuck Norris write PowerShell scripts?  Naturally.  And only he can run his PowerShell scripts under MS-DOS 6.1.

Shark!It’s a little know fact that, after codename “Monad”, rather than “PowerShell”, the name was originally going to be “NorrisShell”.

There is a hidden “Set-ExecutionPolicy” cmdlet parameter: –executionPolicy RoundhouseKick

His scripts can execute and complete an infinite loop in 1.4 seconds.

The Microsoft TechNet Script Center for IT Pros web site is actually hosted on Chuck Norris’s Windows Phone

Hi YA!

By the way – you can start working with and learning PowerShell 3.0 in Windows Server 2012 and/or Windows 8 today!

Got more Chuck Norris PowerShell facts to add?  Share them with all of us in the comments!