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Windows Server 2012 Jump Start Recordings released!

Corey and Rick

Just last week, Corey Hynes and Rick Claus delivered a 2-day deep-dive into the details of the next version of Windows Server coming out later this year: Windows Server 2012.  I was privileged to be able to help with Q&A during the first day, also.

“Yeah, I missed that.  I sure would have liked to have attended.”

See the videos hereWell, you’re in luck!  The high-quality recordings of their two-day drill-down are now available!  Here is the list of topics, with links:

Also, Rick and Corey promised to get you an extra link to the videos which weren’t working correctly during the live demo session.
Here you go: http://regularitguy.com/2012/06/22/windows-server-2012-hyper-v-guest-iops-and-network-portability-demos/