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Dear TechEd Diary – June 10, 2012


I’ve arrived! 

The early morning flight went great, and I got lucky with my ride to the hotel.  Not long before I landed, my friend Dan Stolts had e-mailed the team and asked if anyone needed a ride in his car.  My text to him reached him as he was just 10 minutes away from the hotel, but he turned around and picked me up anyway.  What a hero!

My room wasn’t ready (it was just a little after noon), so I had the hotel hold my bags, and we went over to register. 


I had time to see the cool Custom Channel 9 Mustang,

IMG_2365  IMG_2366

And then killed a little time by doing a Windows Azure Hands-on Lab.


“Where are you now, Kevin?”

I’m glad you asked.  I decided to head back to the hotel, just in case the room was ready.

“Is it?”

No.  So I’m sitting in the lobby.  Official “check-in” time is soon, so I’m just hanging out.   Hopefully I’ll have time to take a nap by the pool before the Krewe of TechEd meet-n-greet later tonight.