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Why Metro on a Server Product? (So many questions. So little time. Part 40)

Adam asked this question at a recent TechNet Event

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Well, Adam, you’re asking me to share my opinion.  At this stage of the release cycle, I’m not sure that I’m allowed to share my own opinion.  Surprised smile  And of course I want to point you to the blogs that hold the official company stance on these kinds of topics: 

“Okay.. So what’s YOUR opinion?”

Honestly, I believe it simply has to do with sharing a common experience.  Just like an older laptop or desktop that doesn’t have a touchscreen, you’ll still find the start screen useful as if it were just a big colorful start menu.  You’ll have the same capability to run “Metro Apps” on Windows 8, Windows 8 RT / ARM-based tablets, and Windows Server 2012.  But ultimately the way you’re going to be using Windows Server 2012 is through remote management.  We’ve made it so much easier to use Server Manager to connect to many servers and fully manage them remotely, that most of your work will be done from your Windows 8 Desktop and using the RSAT tools. 

BTW – You can get the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows 8 HERE.

Wow.. the “big four – O” in this series.  Recently I’ve had some very nice feedback from some of you – appreciating this series.  And you folks sure do ask a lot of great questions. 

“How many more of these do you have waiting for an answer, Kevin?”

I haven’t counted.. but probably enough to at least hit the “big one – O – O” eventually. 

What do you think?   Is it really that big of a deal that the Metro Start Screen is in full installations of Windows Server?  Let’s talk about it in the comments.