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IT Manager Community Chats are back!

This Wednesday (March 16) at I’ll be hosting the first of what I hope will be many (several already scheduled… more to follow) of what we call “IT Manager Community Chats with Kevin Remde”.  Our first one is going to be with Microsoft’s Tharun Tharian, a Sr. Product Manager for SQL Azure.  You’ll learn about… Read more

Breaking News: IE 9 is here!

Tonight at the South-by-Southwest (SXSW) conference, Microsoft announces the release-to-the-web of Internet Explorer 9.  According to the IE 9 site, the final bits will be available after 9PM Pacific time, tonight.  (March 14, 2011) I’ve been enjoying the Release Candidate for a few weeks now, and I’m fairly well impressed.  Entirely my opinion, but things… Read more

US Central Region TechNet Events are Here!

How will your IT organization consider using “the cloud”?  Is there even an option for you; and if so, what does it look like? Next month we start our new series of events focusing on how IT is being transformed into a dynamic, service-based resource for your business.  To do this you need to not… Read more

Breaking News: MAP 5.5 is RTW!

RTW = Released to the Web-i-tubes The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) version 5.5 has been released to the web.  This is the latest version of the toolset that many of you have seen me demonstrate in our TechNet Events.  It lets you take an inventory (agentless, I might add) of your environment –… Read more

Windows Azure: A Fresh Look

I ran across a really excellent blog post this morning.  David Pallmann (a Microsoft MVP) provides an excellent overview of the Windows Azure platform; all of its parts, and the current state of all of the components: “In this post I’ll take you through an updated tour of the Windows Azure platform.  It’s 2011, and… Read more