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Where is that evaluation download?

DownloadWe IT Pro-focused Technical Evangelists are often asked, “Hey.. Where can I find the download to try out such-and-such software?”

And after I find out what they actually meant by “such-and-such”, I usually just tell them essentially to “google it on Bing”.

But that’s not sufficient.

So what I am doing instead, on this page, is to give you a list of the most important, most commonly requested downloads and evaluations.  And here are the latest and greatest:

We also have evaluations of our recent-yet-older products:

If you're interested in evaluating the newly released System Center 2012 R2  management product, and all of the components therein, you can get them here:

Do you want to try Windows Azure for FREE?

"Yes!  Yes I do!"

Here you go:

How about some free online training?  We've got literally hundreds of hours of up-to-date training at the Microsoft Virtual Academy:

Try them all!

And if this is not exactly what you need, you can also go to the TechNet Evaluation Download Center and find everything an IT Pro could ever want to try out.