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URGENT: Out-of-Band Security Update Released Today for Windows

“For ‘Windows’?  Which versions?” Pretty much every supported version of Windows is impacted**, so read on.  This is important. Yesterday Microsoft released an advisory, and today Microsoft released a security patch outside of its normal release cycle, or “out of band”; meaning: not on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  So you know that this… Read more

A Great Opportunity to Learn Windows Azure Development

“Oh here you go again, Kevin… Talking about development topics in an IT Pro blog…” Hey.. I thought we had established the fact that many IT pros are also software engineers and developers.  Or perhaps their friends are.  So whether you’re a developer, and aspiring developer, or an IT Pro with friends (?), I wanted… Read more

Four NEW System Center 2012 Virtual Labs are LIVE

Yes indeed!  Today Microsoft has made 4 new free virtual labs available.  This gives you a great opportunity to try out some of the basic operations of some of the new suite of System Center tools. TechNet Virtual Lab: System Center Operations Manager 2012: Infrastructure and Application Performance Monitoring http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9792430 TechNet Virtual Lab: System Center… Read more

Breaking News: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 6.5 is RTW

RTW = Released to the Webitubes Today Microsoft releases the next version of the MAP Toolkit.  MAP, in case you weren’t aware, stands for Microsoft Assessment and Planning.  And a brand new version (v6.5) is now available to download. “What does it do?” I’m glad you asked.  The MAP Toolkit is the Swiss Army Knife… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 30 of 30: Certification Tips To Get Your Career Ready For The Cloud

It’s the end of the month, and the last of our 30 days of cloudy goodness is here!  In today’s blog post, one of the most genuinely certifiable gentlemen I know, Brian Lewis, points you to some resources to help you get on track for cloud readiness.  And by you, I mean YOU.  You need… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 29 of 30: How Do I Get to Hyper-V?

In today’s next-to-last installment of our cloud series, we have another guest author representing another great Microsoft partner: NetIQ.  And in particular, they discuss a product of theirs called Platespin Migrate. Check out the Part 29 blog post HERE.  And if you have missed any of the series posts, check out my summary post for… Read more

The Cloud on Your Terms Part 28 of 30: Cloud PowerShell

Back in part 23 of our series I wrote about Windows Azure, and some of the tools that IT Pros have at their disposal for the sake of managing and monitoring it.  One of those tools of course is PowerShell.  And today in part 27, Matt Hester writes about how PowerShell (one of his favorite… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 27 of 30: Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011 Essentials and the Cloud

“Hey Kevin – Is the cloud just for big companies?” Absolutely not.  Certainly some implementations (private clouds, for instance) make more sense in organizations that A) are able to take advantage of delivering IT as a Service for their business units, and B) can justify the kind of datacenter resources to support it.  But small… Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 26 of 30: Office 365 will not get you fired

  Are you concerned that the cloud will eat your job?  Perhaps.  Every time there is a shift in how things are done based on improvements in technology or new options for efficiency, economics, scale… there is always someone crying foul.  Or probably more appropriately, they’re worrying about what it means for their current situation. … Read more

Cloud on Your Terms Part 25 of 30: Windows Intune

Microsoft has some pretty interesting new direction with regard to what “the cloud” can do.  For example – how about an Internet-based service that let’s you monitor, manage, and deploy software to the workstations you’re responsible for? “Yeah.. I’d love to see that.” That’s what we have in the form of Windows Intune.  Today in… Read more