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Secure enough for ya?

“Kevin.. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Windows Azure  But how secure is it?”

Great question.  And in fact, when I speak to people and audiences about Windows Azure, and I ask them “So, what are your biggest concerns about cloud-based services such as Windows Azure?”, the bet is so sure that someone will yell “Security!” that this my next slide in the deck:

How did I know you were going to say that?

So of course I want to share with you additional resources around Security and Microsoft’s online offerings whenever I become aware of them.  And this blog post is no exception.  I’ve recently learned about a new Whitepaper that delivers a clear overview of the state of security in Windows Azure; what security controls, functionality, and operations take place to ensure a secure environment for your Windows Azure-hosted applications and data.

Here is the post about the whitepaper on the Windows Azure Team Blog

And here is the direct link to the whitepaper.