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Breaking News: Microsoft Security Essentials BETA is LIVE (but limited!)

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta

For the first 75,000 people who want it, the first beta of the new free antivirus solution from Microsoft is available to download now.


Well.. it is now.. but by the time you read this it may not be any longer.  There is a limit, and high demand to try it out.

“What exactly is it?”

Remember Windows Live OneCare?  This is it’s replacement.  No more subscription – just free antivirus.  When installed, it replaces Windows Defender and becomes a superset of it’s functionality – adding antivirus protection in a very high-performing, non-intrusive way.

“Did you download it?”


“Why not?”

Because I work for Microsoft, and it would be wrong of me to get one if other people want it.  I’ll try and get it through Microsoft internal resources.  I want YOU to be able to try it!

And please let us know what you think!

UPDATE: Looks like all 75,000 copies have been downloaded.


Don’t let that stop you from learning more about it.  And keep watching the Security Essentials page for more details.