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IT Manager Community Hub – Evren Toktas Interview at TechEd 2009

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At TechEd 2009 this year in Los Angeles I was asked to help with “booth duty”, which was a pleasure to do.  One reason I agreed to do this was that I am passionate about the topic of the booth, which was for the sake of the IT Management Community Hub (http://www.technet.com/itmanagement). 

Another reason was that I was able to visit with Evren Toktas.  Evren is a Marketing Manager in the US BMO at Microsoft.  She is also the driving force behind the community hub.  So while we were there, I convinced her (no small feat) to allow me to record a quick interview, and to get her to walk us through some of the useful areas in the community hub.

Thank you, Evren!

(Click the play button to launch a standard resolution .wmv download, or go to this post’s page on TechNet Edge for more viewing options.)