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Your chance to win a Lenovo T61p Laptop

t61p “Isn’t that your favorite laptop you’ve ever had?”

Yep.  This is the model I have two of, that I use for work and for presentations (which are also work).  Yes, it’s the best laptop I’ve ever used.  You’ll have to pry mine from my cold, dead (or unemployed) hands. 

And you can win one if you can record a convincing, funny, or otherwise outstanding screencast of some feature or function in Windows 7.  More specifically, they’re interested in screencasts that address this statement: “Why Windows 7 is the clear choice over Linux and OS X!”

My team mates Keith Combs and Matt “Mongo” Hester are organizing this contest.  Check out Matt’s blog post about it.


A screencast is basically a recorded presentation or demo.  Good tools such as Camtasia Studio can be used to capture your recording. 

“Didn’t Keith and Matt do contest like that for MVPs several months ago?”

Yes, they did.  And, well.. the response was underwhelming.  Apparently Microsoft’s “Most Valued Professionals” have better things to do with their time than to win fabulous prizes.  So Matt and Keith decided to let anyone have a shot. 

(Hey.. MVPs!… Now’s your shot at redemption!)