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Breaking User Group News: UGSS is LIVE!

User Group Support Services

This is cool.  What was formerly known as “Codezone”, a site for Developer user groups, resources, and events, has now become “User Group Support Services”, supporting both the developer and IT Pro Communities.

“Do you really care about user groups, Microsoft?”

Absolutely.  In fact, Shawn Travers answers that question in his blog, too, along with a good summary of the benefits of using the UGSS.

Basically, Microsoft will provide some cash, advertising, and freebies for your user group events.  You can post your event or meeting details on the calendar (which is then synchronized with multiple community calendars, including the Community Megaphone calendar), and then anyone in the world can search the calendar for events that might be of interest to them.

I’ve already made all the user groups I know of aware of this great resource.  You should, too!  Or at least go there, register, and get connected to the groups in your area.