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Breaking News: Windows 7 Beta 1 Availability

image Only 35% left to go on my download of Windows 7 from the TechNet Plus Subscription site.  Yes indeed… as expected, SteveB let loose the availability of the first public beta of Windows 7 during his keynote address at CES.

And almost to the moment he announced it, the PressPass article went live, and the download showed up on the TechNet site.  As TechNet Subscribers, we have this benefit of being able to download the beta right now.  The rest of the world will have to wait.

“Awww!  Really?”

Yep.  Sorry.

“How long?”

January 9.

“This year?”

<sigh>  Yes.. exactly two days from now. 

“Oh!  Cool!”

I think so. 

I’m looking forward to reading (and writing) a lot of reviews of Windows 7 in the coming weeks and months.