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A Geek On A Quest (But does he get the girl?)

The game where the IT Pro is KING! 

Our TechNet folks have put together a promotion, and a fun game to go along with it.  Those of us who spent too many hours playing cheesy pixilated adventure games** about 15-20 years ago will appreciate the awesome reproduction in the form of this cute online game, “Server Quest“. 

The sappy soundblaster-esque (you have my permission to use that word) music will really get on your nerves after awhile; which is the point, I believe.  And the storyline and quizzes are a lot of fun.  I love the fact that our hero sleeps with a TechNet Magazine tucked under his pillow. 

Note: There is a a promotion code that you can write down to save $75 on TechNet.  Readers of my blog already know that you can save $100 on a TechNet Subscription with the code I provide. 

** “Hey Kevin – By ‘cheezy pixilated adventure games’, you’re talking about all that time you wasted playing ‘Leisure Suit  Larry‘, right?”

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