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Best of Questions and Answers from our TechNet Webcast: Internet Information Services 7.0 (Part 3 of 4): Performance Optimization

Even while retired, Clippy loves webcasts! Happy weekend!

Below are the questions I pulled out of the Q&A log from the TechNet Webcast: “Internet Information Services 7.0 (Part 3 of 4): Performance Optimization”, along with extended answers (especially to those I didn’t get to answer verbally).

Hope you find them useful!


PS: Here is my resource page for this webcast.


Questions and Answers:

“Can you show how to configure host name?”

This question was in reference to the new feature in IIS7 to be able to host multiple FTP servers on the same address using different virtual hostnames.

I found a good article on that here at IIS.NET: http://www.iis.net/articles/view.aspx/IIS7/Managing-IIS7/Using-FTP-Server-in-IIS7/Using-virtual-host-names

“Can you show, if not in this web cast, step by in IIS7 or Vista on using Membership so that like you said bypass IIS?”

I’m going to direct you to the IIS.NET site and their set of webcasts and resources. I see several webcasts linked to there that are all around security and authentication, and go into detail about that very subject.


“Can changes made directly to the applicationhost.config file trash the iis manager gui?”

I tried this just now, and it doesn’t appear to impact it at all. A refresh simply adjusts to what is or isn’t loaded. Pretty amazingly slick, in my opinion.

“Automatic Failed Request Tracing – Allows us to configure error condition. Please show how.”

Automatic Failed Request Tracing will be covered and demonstrated in Part 4 on 11/30/2007.

“Where can I find parts 1 and 2 of this series?”

Here.  I’ll just give you a list to all 4 parts in one place:

“Thanks for the info :)”

You’re welcome!