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Best of Questions and Answers from TechNet Webcast: Recipient Management, Policies, and Permissions in Exchange 2007

Some guy happily running Exchange 2007Hi all!

Below are the questions I pulled out of the Q&A log from the TechNet Webcast: “Recipient Management, Policies, and Permissions in Exchange 2007“, along with the answers.

Hope you find them useful!


Questions and Answers:

“What is the command to give a user mailbox permissions to a mailbox?”

In one of the last demos I did in the webcast, I used the add-mailboxpermission command to give add full-access permissions to Andy to another users Mailbox. That would be a good way to, say, grant someone rights on the mailbox for a resource that the user will be responsible for.

The command I entered was

add-mailboxpermission –identity “andy teal” –user “Anton Kirilov” –accessrights fullaccess

“If I convert a security group to universal group, all permissions will be gone? Or they will be inherited?”

They will remain. There are caveats on what can be converted, based on membership restrictions… but if there are none of those, then the conversion should work fine.

Here is a page that describes all the ways conversions can happen:

“I have heard that spaces are no longer allowed in aliases. Is that correct, and why? What are “aliases” actually used for?”

Aliases are also what is (by default) used as the part of your e-mail address to the left of the “@” sign – so it makes sense that they do not have a space. They are also really the main unique way of identifying a mail-enabled entity in your Exchange org.

“Is there a migration toolkit/Document for moving from 2003 to 2007 available?”

Here is a good starting point for your migration planning: