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TechEd 2007 Diaries – Day 0 – Road to Orlando

Yeah baby!  Here we go!

I’m currently sitting at gate G19 at MSP, looking at my plane getting loaded up. 

I look around.  Geeks?  Yep.. there’s one.  Got that “I’m going to TechEd” look of boundless enthusiasm and wonder.  And I wonder, “Will that change once he sees how much walking he’s going to be doing in Orlando?”  Nah… he won’t have a problem with that.  And I’m looking forward to losing a few pounds as well.

“Are you kidding?  I hear that the food and snacks are endless at TechEd!”

Yes, but somehow I always manage to lose a few.  And this year I’m counting on it.

So.. the agenda for today:

Land in Orlando at around 11:45am (provided the storms in the area don’t delay the arrival).  Get rental, and head to the hotel.

Late afternoon – Go pick up John Baker (my team mate and roommate on this trip) at the airport.

Early evening – Go pick up Harold Wong (another teammate).

Late late evening – Go pick up Bryan Von Axelson (yet another teammate). 

That’s about it for today, other than taking a few more pictures and videos for this here journal.

“Hey Kevin.. you promised you’d post some photos from past TechEds!”

Yeah.. well, unfortunately my home server/media center had a power supply failure yesterday, so the photos are all redundantly saved on 2 hard disks… but the computer is dead until I get back from TechEd.  <sigh>  Stupid hardware problems….