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But if I COULD download it, I wouldn’t NEED it!

Sometimes we do funny things… and they just have to be blogged. In my precious spare time this weekend I’ve been trying to help my Dad get his Internet connection working.  He has an old PC (originally had Windows ME on it, so that gives you an idea) running Windows XP Home.  Over the years… Read more

RTM News: Visual Studio 2008

“Here you go again, Kevin… talking about stuff for Developers and not just for IT Pros.” Yep.  And I do so unashamed.  I will never forget, and look back fondly at my own Software Engineering days.  So once in awhile I’m going to put things here for all of my developer / software engineering brethren…. Read more

Best of Questions and Answers from our TechNet Webcast: Internet Information Services 7.0 (Part 3 of 4): Performance Optimization

Happy weekend! Below are the questions I pulled out of the Q&A log from the TechNet Webcast: “Internet Information Services 7.0 (Part 3 of 4): Performance Optimization”, along with extended answers (especially to those I didn’t get to answer verbally). Hope you find them useful! Kevin PS: Here is my resource page for this webcast…. Read more

Resources for TechNet Webcast: Internet Information Services 7.0 (Part 3 of 4): Performance Optimization

Webcast Resources: Here are some resources relating to the webcast I presented on November 16, 2007, entitled “Internet Information Services 7.0 (Part 3 of 4): Performance Optimization”. I hope you find them useful. Kevin PS – The landing page for this entire series is here.  Check out the other parts of the series!    … Read more

WSv has a new name, too.

From the “I knew this was coming a long time ago, but wasn’t allowed to tell you” department: Windows Server virtualization – or WSv as we’ve been calling it – is now called something different.  The new, official name – announced at TechEd IT Forum in Barcelona, Spain – is “Hyper-V“ “Hyper-V?  Is that a… Read more

"Centro" now has a name. And a mission.

First of all – This news is a week old.  I apologize for not putting it here sooner.  Too busy to blog lately (as usual).  I still think this is too cool not to share, though.  “Windows Essentials Business Server?  What is it?” As a former IT Manager, and in talking to so many IT… Read more

Microsoft Deployment (MD) is Released!

Wow! Seems like just the other day I was talking here about the release candidate for this, and now here it is, RELEASED! Very cool. Here is the Microsoft Deployment download.  And you may want to check out the Microsoft Deployment Team Blog, too. — Interesting.  If you go to http://www.microsoft.com/deployment, you go straight to… Read more

Tune In! Geek out! Another Podcast on Unified Communications

A couple of weeks ago (Wednesday October 24, specifically) I was driving like a madman from Dallas to Houston.  “Why so fast?” I had a deadline.  At 2:00pm I was scheduled to interview Sukhvinder Singh Gulati, a Sr. Lead Program Manager in the Unified Communications space – specifically Office Communications Server 2007.  …and I was… Read more

Search for Free! Search Server 2008 Express Announced

Today Microsoft released a new Search offering – Search Server 2008 Express.  This is on top of the recently announced Search Server 2008, and of course Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. “Express?  Does this mean, like in so many other products with that moniker, that this is free?” Yep.  Free.  “So.. it’s scaled down, I… Read more