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It’s on: Imagine Cup 2007

Are you a student in IT, CSci, Dev, DP, or some other geeky acronym?   Do you want to win cash prizes, and a trip to Korea?  Then you should consider entering the Imagine Cup!

This is the fifth year that the Imagine Cup has taken place, and it has involved over 100,000 students from more than 100 countries.  Here’s a good page on some of the history of the Imagine Cup.

“But Kevin, I’m a student of (programming, IT, digital arts, etc.).  What kinds of entries are they looking for?”

The contest breaks down into three major categories, with three minor areas in each (9 specific competitions, if you’re doing the math).  You and your team can enter one area, or many.  It’s up to you.  See the competition overview page for details.

Depending on the category you and your team compete in, you’ll have various stages to complete and problems to solve. 

Interested to see how we treat the winners?  Check out these headlines.

Go for it!

(And if you’re interested in a quick summary, here’s the PressPass announcment that just came out yesterday.)