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But how do I do it in 2007?

Now that The 2007 Microsoft Office System has released to manufacturing (RTM), I’m sure many people are fretting over the new user interface.  Specifically,

“Hey.. I used to know how to do XYZ.  How do I do XYZ in Word/Excel/PowerPoint 2007?”

Well.. file this blog post away for your use later, or save these links, because these cool Command Reference Guides will help you answer those questions directly.

For example, you know how to start Mail Merge in Word 2003.  So you go to the guide and just go through the motions of Mail Merge

Click to Enlarge

and then the Word 2007 screen comes up and shows you where that very same functionality is found.

How could it get any easier?  (Seriously.. if you have ideas, please add them as comments here.)