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Best of Questions and Answers from Webcasts: Message Security, Compliance, and Message Protection with Exchange Server 2007


Below I’ve pasted an edited and cleaned up copy of most of the Q&A from BOTH parts of the two part webcast series on “Message Security, Compliance, and Message Protection with Exchange Server 2007” (October 9, 2006). 

If you’re interested in viewing the webcast (either again or for the first time), here it is.

I also need to send out a BIG thank you to Chris Avis and Harold Wong for handling the Q&A on the backend today.  It is their work that these answers represent.  Thanks guys!


Questions and Answers:

“What are the third-party add-ons you describe in the ‘Microsoft IT Antispam’ slide and what Block List providers are used out of the box?”

“You can check for 3rd party providers at http://microsoft.com/exchange – We do not populate the Block Lists out of the box. You can search for RTBL Providers on any search engines….”

“Do you have templates to apply varied levels of filtering at the connection level and others?”

No, we do not have templates for these filters.

“For costumers that don’t deploy Edge, why isn’t IMF enabled on the mailbox role? Please give us more information on what will be possible in this senario!”

I apologize if I wasn’t clear about this during the webcast – but the IMF is also available and will run on and as a part of the Hub Transport Role.

“Is Exchange 2007 only going to be available for Small Business Server users with an upgrade to the ‘Cougar’ version, whenever that is ready?”

You will have to check the http://www.microsoft.com/sbs site for availability. I have not seen or heard of any official announcement.

“These days are big problem filter image based spams… Does Exchange 2007 have any technology for filtering image based spams?”

Absolutely – We understand that is one of the pain points today. We are working to address that in our Smart Screen Technology. Please understand that this is an issue industry wide though.

“Does ES2007 have as much of a tie in with Outlook2007 as was the case with ES2003 and Outlook2003 (ie will there be a significant amount of functionality lost if not using Outlook 2007 with ES2007) ?”

Yes, there are some new features in Exchange 2007 that will require Outlook 2007 to take advantage. An example would be the Scheduling Assistant Web Service for up to date free / busy scheduling. Another example is access to the internal and external Out of Office (though this functionality is available via the new Outlook Web Access included with Exchange 2007). The final example that I will give is the built-in media control that allows you to play Voicemails directly in the email. There are more, but I’m hoping that you get the picture here. And as I mentioned, most of these features are also available in Outlook Web Access (Premium client).

“Yes, but it is not enabled by default (not in beta2). It would also be great to hear what functions I will miss if I don’t have Edge (regarding filtering)”

Please refer to the following article: https://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/exchange/e2k7help/5683549a-4f48-429d-b353-cc2b7c784e29.mspx?mfr=true.

There is a note that mentions a script named “Install-AntiSpamAgents.ps1 “. This is what you need to do to install the antispam agents onto the Hub Transport Role.

“Is it possible to evaluate Exchange 2007 in a domain that already has Exchange 2003 and have both systems receive and process the incoming mail and only one sent out mail? Is there documentation on setting up a test like this?

I don’t know of any configuration docs for your specific request. However, there is an entire library devoted to Exchange Planning and Deployment here – http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/exchange/2007/planningarchitecture/default.mspx

“In regards to the Voicemails passed down from the PBX (or phone server): if it is able to pass that voicemail down to a specific mailbox, is there a way to allow a rule of some kind that would allow the deletion of that voicemail once the user has checked that message? I basically need to know if i have my VMs going to my users boxes, will they still need to physically go to the PBX to delete the messages from there also ? The reason i ask, is if i will be keeping a copy of these emails via a rule, i have no need to keep a copy in 2 places (Exchange 2007 machine, and the PBX Server)”

Answered: If you are taking advantage of the Unified Messaging feature in Exchange Server 2007, you would not have another Voicemail system in place. You would only have the one in Exchange 2007. With that in mind, there will not be duplicate copy of the voicemail stored anywhere. The voicemails are not passed to Exchange, but the call itself is passed to Exchange. So Exchange becomes the Voicemail System, the AutoAttendant, the system you call into to retrieve your voicemails (and also e-mails and calendar access via phone!). If you delete the message, it’s deleted. And if you don’t want your neighbor to hear a voicemail you’re playing back, you can click a link that says “send to a phone” and you can tell the system to call your phone and play the message back to you that way.

“Do I still need to restart the Exchange services when updating IMF?”

No. This was not necessary in Exchange 2003 either.