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NEWS FLASH: BIG TechNet Subscriptions Program Changes

Quick news:

The TechNet Subscription Program Director, Scott Stout, just gave us the okay to blog about this.  Beginning August 1st, there are big, GREAT changes to the TechNet subscription program.

First of all – TechNet Standard is going away.  Not  an option.

“Huh?  Taking things away?”

Don’t feel bad.  Believe me.. it’s being replaced with TechNet Plus benefits everywhere.

First of all – all TechNet Benefits, and now SOFTWARE, will be downloadable from the TechNet Subscription site.

And now it will come in three flavors (on the price list starting August 1st):

“TechNet Plus Direct” – $349

This is the base-level, ON-LINE ONLY subscription.  Yes, it’s Earth-Friendly, no discs.  All TechNet Plus content that you’re used to is available online.

“TechNet Plus Single User” – $499

 This is the TechNet Plus you’re used to – and again now adding all of the online-access to software and tool downloads as well.  Single user license.

“TechNet Plus Single Server” – $999

Put it on a server for your workgroup.


All-in-all, TechNet Plus Subscriptions are a no-brainer; considering that it comes with 2 support calls included – so it can pay for itself!

Watch the TechNet Subscription Page for the changes on August 1st.