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NEWS: Microsoft Acquires Winternals Software

Ever use the free SysInternals tools?


If you’re an IT Pro for any length of time, you will definitely have heard of these.  They are awesome, free tools for doing deep-level stuff with Windows, both locally and remotely.

A great example is the  PSTools suite for powerful command-line utilities.  Or the Process Explorer, which graphically lists all processes running, their dependencies, and the executable file location.  Awesome troubleshooting tools.  Tools that you really wish were included with Windows client or server software.  But since it was all free, it was nearly as good as having been included.

I’ve always wished these sharp guys who run SysInternals – Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell – worked for Microsoft.  Apparently so did Jim Allchin.  So… we bought the company.

“Huh?  SysInternals is now owned by Microsoft?”

Yep.  Microsoft announced the purchase today.  (NASDAQ News here) And what’s more; now Mark and Bryce are working for the company.  (Welcome, guys!)

Mark talks about it in his blog post here.

Here’s the Winternals Press Release

I’m really excited about this.  When so much press has been made about a so-called “brain-drain” at Microsoft, it’s just wonderful to see such great talent being brought on-board.  And the possibility of bringing these tools into the default tool-set in the products can only be good news for IT Pros. 

UPDATE: Just wanted to add this.  I see in the June Edition of the Top TechNet Webcasts that Mark Russinovich delivered the first one listed.  So if you want to get a feel for Mark and his skills, check it out!