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The Donut Theory

Dunkin' Donuts are awesome! I had to link to this…

I ran into Michael Kleef (IT Pro Evangelist in Australia) last Wednesday at the TechEd 2006 IT Influencer Party.  He told me about this great picture he took of some American police officers eating donuts.. and was tickled by how it so very well fit the stereotype that is portrayed throughout the world. 

Here is his post and his picture.  Love it!

“But.. what’s this ‘theory’ that you have, Kevin?”

Earlier on that same day I had had a conversation with another friend of mine on the fact that there are so many Dunkin’ Donuts shops in Boston.  They seem to be as commonplace as Starbuck’s in Seattle.  (The phrase “you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting…etc” comes to mind.)  In my home town, we have Dunkin’ Donuts, but they are few and far between.

And then it occurred to me that there must be a law-enforcement connection or correlation.  So I theorize…

The number of donut shops is directly proportional to the crime rate in any given city.

More crime => more Police Officers-per-capita => larger donut consumption potential => more donut shops. 

And so it follows that cities with more donut shops have higher crime rates.

I don’t have any hard numbers to suggest that Boston has a higher crime rate than Minneapolis.  I’m just guessing.  I’ll let someone else fill in that blank.  I won’t little things like facts get in the way of my theory.

I wonder if I were to go to the Dunkin’ Donuts site and find out where all of their stores are located, if that would be a good indication of where NOT to move to…