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Windows Live Messenger is.. um… LIVE!

Happy Live Messengers

“They look so happy!”

Probably because they’re using the new Windows Live Messenger.

I tried it during the beta period, and I’m glad to see it’s finally been released. 

I haven’t tried out the voice capabilities of it, yet, but we appear to be going for the crowd that likes Skype and other services that make it easy to make voice calls either to another PC (free) or to someone’s phone (for an “affordable” fee). 

Camera support is there, of course. 

And now you also have the ability to “share stuff”. 

“Huh?  Share my deepest thoughts and desires?”

No.  I mean.. well, yeah.. you’ve always had that ability.  I’m but I’m talking about being able to set up a folder that is like a repository of “stuff” that your friends will also see and share.  So.. you’ll essentially each have synchronized copies of a folder and all of the “stuff” you put therein.

Sharing is good. 

“I learned that in Kindergarten!”


“That too!”

Shut up.