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Kevin’s TechEd 2006 Diaries – Day 7

HOL MachinesDay 7 – The TechEd Post Mortem

I’m typing this sitting in seat 3D (First class!  Yeah!) on the flight home.  It’s Saturday.  I’m tired.  I really want to be home.  Yesterday was my daughter Laura’s 9th birthday, and I’m thinking about the long talk I had with her on the phone.  She had a great day, and was excited telling me all about it.  But I have missed too many of my kid’s birthdays, unfortunately.  TechEd usually happens during this same time of year, so it’s either my son Joe or my daughter Laura who have to get a phone call from Dad on their birthday, rather than a hug and a kiss.  <sigh>

But on a much brighter note, it’s been an amazing week.  I’ve met/made some new friends, touched base with old ones, and learned a LOT about what’s new and coming up from Microsoft.  And next month I get to do even more of that (because this time I won’t also be working) at Microsoft’s “TechReady” conference.  TechReady is an internal-only training conference for us “technical-sales” folks in “the field”.

So as I sit here considering whether or not I should have a coffee (or another Bloody Mary), I am excited to be going home.  Maybe today, weather permitting, we’ll all go to the beach.  I’ll let Laura tackle her Daddy into the water.  Kids need to wrestle their Daddy and win now and then.  And Daddy’s need to laugh with their kids.  This Daddy sure does, anyway.

Heck.. maybe I’ll invite my Dad along, too.

See you at TechEd 2007 – New Orleans!