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Kevin’s TechEd 2006 Diaries – Day 6

HallDay 6 – The LAST TechEd Day

All done.  No more.  My brain is full.  (Of what, though.. that’s debatable.)

I got in early enough to catch two sessions before working in the TLC again this afternoon.  Pretty quiet.  (Many have already left for the airport.)

Coolest demo I saw:
This was a great, very “jaw-dropping” demo.  During the session on “New Backup and Offline File Features in Windows Vista”, Dan Stevenson demonstrated the new CompletePC backup and restore.  To do it, he backed up his PC to an external HD (actually did one more incremental backup – the initial full backup had already been done).  Then he took the HD out of his laptop, put it in a vice, and had a volunteer from the audience CRUSH it. 


The good news was that the restore to a new blank disk went flawlessly.  He booted his Windows Vista installation disk and used the recovery environment to restore his PC.  It was quick and worked like a charm.  Outstanding!  And the Offline File experiece portion of the session was very good, too.  People who are frustrated with the current file sync and offline experience are going to be very pleased with the new, non-distruptive, high-performing file sync. 

Funniest thing I heard:
I’d have to say, that disk-crunching demo was pretty funny, too. 


I'm afraid that that's going to void the warranty.