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Kevin’s TechEd 2006 Diaries – Day 5

Kev at FenwayDay 5 – AGAIN Yet Another TechEd Day

Thursday?  Already?  Wow.  I can’t believe the week is almost over.  And yet I feel like I could use a week of sleep to catch up.

Today I worked the TLC booth again.  Had some fun conversations and video taped a few good questions and answers.  (I expect to have time to edit them sometime next week, so please be patient.)

The highlight of the day, of course, was the all-attendee party that Microsoft threw at Fenway park.  After some good hotdogs, fries, and a coke, I took a shot at hitting a ball in a batting cage (I did manage to hit the ball once or twice). 
Hey batter batter batter... Sa-WING!

And then Chris Haaker and I walked up to the stands to settle in for the evening’s entertainment: Train


Coolest demo I saw:
Mobility features and improvements coming in Microsoft Exchange 2007 and the next generation of mobile devices.  HUGE improvements in management, security, and just useful and really cool features.

Funniest thing I heard:
Protest outside of Fenway as we were lined up to walk in – put on by nVidia:

“What do we want?!”  “Lower TCO!”  “When do we want it?!”  “NOW!”… etc.

Tomorrow I’ll get up nice and early so I can check in (hopefully getting first class upgrade) for my flight home – which is Saturday morning.  And then it’s back to the show!