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Kevin’s TechEd 2006 Diaries – Day 4

Test your TechNet knowledge!Day 4 – Yet ANOTHER TechEd Day

Are we done yet?  No!  But we’ve passed the half-way point.  And my feet are very glad to know that. 

My Wednesday of TechEd 2006 was again spent smiling.  Smiling while enjoying talking to people at the Messaging TLC booth and later at the TechNet booth.  And smiling for pictures with old and new friends.

The evening event was the big “IT Influencer” party held at Ned Devine’s Irish Pub in the Quincy Market building.  The food was good, the drink was flowing, and the fun included drawings for several XBOX 360s. 

Lucky Winner
Lucky XBOX 360 Winner

And here are some of photos with friends.  This is Chris Haaker.  He’s a great guy and a blogger I met at a Geek Dinner he arranged last year at TechEd 2005.
me and chris

Jason Bennett is our production lead for TechNet Webcasts.  (UPDATE: Jason corrected me.  He’s our Content Lead.  Janet Nickels is our Production Lead.)
me and jason

Here I am with Dean Andrews, Jason again, and Mike Ward (left to right).  Dean is in charge of all TechNet Webcasts – and is the guy whose face is on the TechNet Webcasts blog.  And Mike is a senior manager responsible for innovations in our online community building efforts.  (I hope that’s accurate, Mike.)
dean, jason, mike, and me

And I was fortunate to run into Mary Jo Foley yet again.  (Mary Jo – please remember that what I told you is completely hush-hush.  And when I used the phrase “crush all those who oppose us”, I didn’t mean it literally.) 
mary jo and i

Of course, the biggest celebrities were easy to spot, too.
those costumes must be sooo hot!

Coolest demo I saw:
One of the Exchange product team was showing an attendee some of the cool things that the Windows Power Shell (formerly known as “Monad”) can do with Exchange. 

Funniest thing I heard:
“See… the badges that the press have on are red, and so are the badge holders.  That’s so we can spot them easier.”

I think next year they’ll be required to wear little bells, too.