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Test Drive a Webcast

WebcastEver wonder what a webcast looks like?

This is great.  The TechNet Webcast folks have put together a really useful test-drive of webcasts.  So.. if you don’t have time to view a whole webcast, or maybe you’re looking for a quick taste of what a webcast looks like, you can check out this site.

Click HERE to check it out.

The idea is that they’ll post a new set of clips from recent “best of” webcasts (highly rated based on evaluation scores), and you’ll get to see tidbits – or click on links that can bring you to the full webcast.

And dig this… I was thrilled to see that they picked one of my recent webcasts on Exchange Server “Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts” to include their inaugural compilation of webcasts.  Made my day!  (Thanks Dean!)