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Kevin’s TechEd 2006 Diaries – Day 0

Boston Baggage Claim

Day 0 – Travel to Boston

Yes!  I’m here!  Bean town!  TechEd 2006!

As you can see from the photo, even the baggage claim at Logan is welcoming us to TechEd.

My room is nice (I’m at the Cambridge Marriott), and I’m just relaxing after a nice burger and beer at the bar downstairs.  (They have my current favorite, on tap!)  Things are looking up!  Room has a big plasma TV, too.  Sweeet!  (Or is that, “Suite!” ?)

Tomorrow is Sunday – the true “Day 1” of TechEd (hence the header above).  I’m heading over to the Convention Center nice and early to register, and then I will be spending most of my day in 258ABC, helping out as a lab proctor during the instructor lead Exchange 2007 pre-conference labs.  And then, of course, the big keynotes are tomorrow night.

Stay tuned… I’ll be posting pictures and commentary here.  I also have my video camera along again this year, so expect some videos from TechEd here soon.