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Windows Vista Beta 2 (and others)

InsideTrackAfter I do a live TechNet Event, Microsoft Campus Connection Event, or TechNet Webcast, and the content has contained something about the new products coming out, the one question I’m asked the most is, “How do I get the beta?”

“Okay.. so how do I get the beta?”

Well, the best way of course is a TechNet Plus subscription.  That will include having betas sent directly to you.  But another way to keep tabs on what is new and available is to subscribe to the TechNet Flash e-mail newsletter.  This page here gives you the details and steps to take for signing up, so you’ll get the word when a new beta or CTP (Community Technology Preview) is available for you.

Flippin' Sweeet!And.. I don’t think I will get in trouble telling you this – but I’m running an “escrow build” – a build that is in it’s final stages of being tested for beta release – of Windows Vista Beta 2.  It’s “flippin’ sweeet!”