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Live Event Resources

For the past year or so I’ve gotten into the habit of typing out my live event and webcast resources, and making them available to my event attendees.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  And this quarter is no exception.  This time around, though, the document is HUGE!

Still, I’m printing them out and will bring them to my Des Moines and St. Paul events next week.  And for those of you who do NOT want to type in URLs, you can do directly to the document here.

“What are you guys covering this time?”

I’m glad you asked!  Here is the description of our three sessions.  (More details, dates, times, and places can be found at http://www.technetevents.com.)

Take Charge of Your Security with TechNet Events

Your customers are being bombarded with attacks and your boss wants to know what you’re going to do about it. What now? Join the TechNet Events team as we show you how to securely deploy and assess a wireless network – despite the existing threats. You’ll leave these must-see sessions armed and ready to deal with the bad guys. TechNet Events are your free, local ticket to the best IT information available. We’re talking solid technical resources that you can put into practice today.

Session 1: Implementing Security for Wireless Networks
• How to securely configure a WLAN using password authentication
• The 802.xx standard and the differences between PEAP, WPA and WEP
• Existing threats to wireless security

Session 2: Responding to Computer Attacks
• How to manage the most common security incidents
• How to detect, trace and assess network intrusions
• How to create and implement an incident response team

Session 3: What’s Next for Microsoft® Security?
• Microsoft’s new security innovations, such as Windows Defender
• Upcoming security products, services and technologies
• Where we’re headed next in the battle against security breaches

Be empowered!  Be secure!