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System Center – Newly Announced Suite of Products

System Center

Microsoft announced the new suite of products now falling under a new name – System Center – as the suite of products surrounding the area of system management.

“System Center is the Microsoft family of systems management products and solutions, focused on providing IT professionals with the tools and knowledge to help manage their IT infrastructure. It embodies the Microsoft vision for integrating systems management tools and technologies to help you ease operations, reduce troubleshooting time, and improve your planning capabilities.”

Click the graphic above for the main page, or click HERE for the overview.

“But what is it really, Kevin?”

That didn’t explain it well enough for you?  Okay… basically, “System Center” encompasses anything and everything your IT administrators use that can be followed by the word “management”:

  • Operations Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration management
  • Release Management
  • Asset Management
  • Data Protection Management
  • Problem Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Incident Management 
  • Waste Management

(Okay.. so I snuck that last one in there.  But you get the idea.)

“So, like MOM and SMS and DPM?”

Right.  Data Protection Manager 2006 is a System Center product.  Current versions of SMS and MOM IT Transformedalso fall into this category.  In fact, the next major release of SMS, currently known as “SMSv4”, and MOM, currently known as “MOMv3”, will take on the System Center family name.  “SMSv4” will become System Center Configuration Manager 2007 while “MOMv3” will be named System Center Operations Manager 2007. 

So… where you had SMS and MOM, you’ll now have SSCM and SCOM.