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The May TechNet Webcast Calendar is LIVE

Webcast Q&A AssistantsThe May 2006 TechNet Webcast Calendar is LIVE

Check out this article, which lists all the webcasts, with links for signing up. 

There are, of course, a couple that I’d especially like for you to attend:

TechNet Webcast: Tools and Techniques for Managing a Windows Vista Desktop Deployment (Level 200)

Wednesday, May 03, 200611:30 AM12:30 PM Pacific Time

Kevin Remde, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft Corporation

Deploying desktops in a business environment is much like running a production line. Various elements, including operating system images, application packages, and user state migrators, are constructed as discrete components and then brought together at the end of the process to make a finished product. This webcast discusses the components and production lines that form a comprehensive PC deployment solution. Learn how the production line point of view provides a project management approach to deployment readiness as a supply chain. This presentation acts as an introduction to other webcasts in the Deployment Series that focus on specific areas such as computer imaging and user state migration.



TechNet Webcast: Active Directory Fundamentals (Level 200)

Tuesday, May 30, 200611:30 AM1:00 PM Pacific Time

Kevin Remde, TechNet Presenter, Microsoft Corporation

This webcast provides an introduction to the Active Directory directory service in the Microsoft Windows Server family of operating systems. Learn what a directory service is and the benefits that Active Directory offers. We cover the logical concepts of domains, trees, and forests, as well as the physical concepts of domain controllers and sites. Gain an understanding of the relationship between Active Directory and DNS. In addition, we discuss some operational functions such as intersite and intrasite replication and the Active Directory operations masters.