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TechEd 2005 Revisited; Part 2

TechEd 2005Here is video blogcast entry number two from last year’s TechEd in Orlando.

On Monday, June 6th, Chris Henley and I were working in the Server Infrastructure area of the Hands-on-Labs.  We volunteered to fix a lab that was broken (HOL163), so I thought I’d document our efforts on video. 

As you’ll see, our efforts really didn’t result in a fixed lab.  But it was a good learning experience nonetheless. 

And another comment I should make also…

I really don’t want this video to leave you with the impression that the HOLs don’t work.  They do.  And they’re awesome.  These folks who run the Hands-On-Labs are getting this process down really well.  TechEd 2005 was the first time they used a whole new engine for driving these things, and they’ve used it over and over again at other conferences since.  At our internal training conference TechReady 2 last January, for example, they ran these, and nearly all of them worked flawlessly. 

Good stuff.