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Busy Busy Busy and lovin’ it.

Working HardHi all,

Yes, I’ve been away from blogging for a little bit.  Sure, I add my webcast notes and Q&A, but other than that I’ve been swamped preparing for up-coming events and webcasts, so I’m in serious learning mode right now. 

“What are you learning?”

Well.. the team is really excited about what we have for you this quarter in our Live Events, as well as the work we’ll be doing for the next 9–12 months around sessions on the new products coming out this year.  This quarter our team is talking all about Security.  In fact, we will have some truly jaw-dropping demos and information that I’m really excited to deliver in Des Moines, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Grand Rapids, and Detroit.

Along with that, of course, I get the chance to play with Windows Vista builds, and 2007 Office.  Our team is delivering “Microsoft Campus Connection” events, and I get to do one at my alma mater (Go Gophers!) on April 24th where I’ll do a talk and demonstration of Windows Vista and 2007 Office, and we’ll also talk about the IT job market and hopefully dispel some myths.

I will also be delivering three webcasts in the next few weeks:

“Hey… does the TechEd 2006 link on the left really mean that you’ve found a way to attend this year?”

Yes indeed!  Harold Wong (team mate and good friend) needed one more person to accompany him to TechEd to help with some Exchange 12 session proctoring, and I happened to be in the room when he asked.  <grin>  So, yes, I’ll be attending, blogging, and video-casting TechEd again this year.  See you there!

“Wow… you’re busy!”

Yep.  And I’m lovin’ it.