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Webcast Series – Product Solutions Spotlights


  • Why do I need an upgrade strategy?
  • How will these changes assist me with my day-to-day challenges, as well as future performance of my business solutions?
  • When will the new products be available?
  • Will these changes affect security?
  • What’s the potential trade-off between upgrading immediately and waiting for future new product releases?

Want answers to these questions?  You’ll find the answers in a series of webcasts:

Redefining CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 3.0

March 17

April 17

May 17

Collaboration and Communication – 2003 to 2007

March 24

April 24

May 24

The Road to Vista

April 5

May 5

June 5

Increase Your Business IQ with SQL Server 2005
and Business Scorecard Manager

April 12

May 12

June 12

All are one hour in length, starting at 10:30AM Pacific Time (US & Canada).