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EXPRESS Yourself

Made In Express ContestWanna win $10,000 just for expressing yourself? 

Well… it does take more than self expression.  But we do have a contest going now for those of you who think you have a great program idea, and can make that idea a reality using any of the EXPRESS line of free tools (SQL Server Express, Visual Studio Express, etc.)

Full contest description and rules are found HERE.

And here’s my own idea for a cool tool:

I want a very quick and easy photo web site generator / manager.  I want to be able to drag my photos onto an administration page, quickly enter a description of each.  And the creation of separate “event pages” to associate the photos with.  “Family trip to the Wisconsin Dells”, for example.

The site generated should be easy to navigate to photo albums by year, and then by date or event.  Thumbnails for all photos for that date or event should then be displayed alongside of a description of the photo.  Clicking on the photo brings up the full-size photo, with next/previous buttons for navigating to other photos within the current date/event/view.

Another idea for this tool – the web site should have a search page that lists all currently known photo keywords (or tags), and returns a page of thumbnails based on your tag selection.  Entry of photos into the site will pull the tag information from the photo meta-data itself.

This application has keep all data in a SQL database in a way that can be simply backed up and restored.

Build this for me, and I will be forever grateful!