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Origami – WTF is it really?

OrigamiThe Origami Project

There has been a lot of speculation about this little gizmo that Microsoft is coming out with.  Even more details here.

Here’s a video that hints at what this new, “wearable, ultra-connected” gadget can do.

This looks really cool.  I like the form factor, and if it’s capable of running Windows Vista and can control my Media Center (when I get one); even better. 

That folder that holds a keyboard and make it work like a laptop… that’s awesome for those of us who type way faster than we could ever pen something.

And with 3G network access… Wow. 

Apparently more news will be forthcoming on Thursday, March 2nd.  (No.. it’s not the product release date.)  Stay tuned.  Heck… subscribe to the RSS feed on that site.

Oh.. and hopefully the hype doesn’t overshadow what the product will actually do