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Answers to Event Questions – Storage Manager for SANs (SMfS)

Windows Server 2003 R2“Hi!”

This is the third of many long-overdue, promised blog posts containing answers to questions I’ve received at our TechNet Events.

These questions are about the Storage Manager for SANs function in Windows Server 2003 R2

“Are existing LUNs detected?”
Well… I’m not a storage expert and haven’t worked with any other SAN technologies, so I couldn’t say from personal experience.  However, my impression is that if the LUN was created using some other tool set, then no, the LUN isn’t going to be manageable using Storage Manager for SANs.  I may be wrong.  (Anyone want to add a comment from personal experience?  Please do!)


Creating a LUN in SMfS depends on the type of storage you’re using, Fibre Channel or iSCSI. 
From the “SANMgr_Step by Step Guide” (found online here, and also on the TechNet Resource DVDs our TechNet Event audience members receive):



If the LUNs will be deployed on a Fibre Channel subsystem, you only need to identify the servers that will access the LUNs, select which HBA ports on those servers will be used for LUN traffic, and finally assign LUNs directly to the servers.


If the LUNs will be deployed on an iSCSI subsystem, the process requires additional steps. 

After identifying the servers that will access the LUNs and selecting the iSCSI initiator adapters that will be used for LUN traffic, you should do the following:

  1. Create and configure targets on the iSCSI subsystems and enable portals on those targets to handle LUN I/O traffic.
  2. Optionally configure iSCSI security.
  3. Establish logon sessions from the iSCSI initiator on each server to one or more targets.
  4. Finally, assign LUNs to the targets.

“In the Virtual PC machines you used in the demo, what tool or service did you use to emulate the SAN devices?”

It’s a product called WinTarget, by a company called String Bean Software.  Here is their guide for using WinTarget along with Data Protection Manager.

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