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Answers to Event Questions – File Server Resource Manager

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This is the second of many long-overdue, promised blog posts containing answers to questions I’ve received at our TechNet Events.

These questions are about the File Server Resource Manager in Windows Server 2003 R2

“Are quotas set on a per-folder basis only, or do they include all sub-folders?”

You have two choices.  Your first option is to set quota on a folder.  This will then apply to all content under it- including content in any other folders.  The quota is basically the sum of all space used under the folder.


The other option is what is called an “Auto-Quota”.  Here you assign the quota to a parent folder of folders.  So the quota will apply to every folder that is a direct child of the parent on which the auto-quota is set.  It will apply to folders that already exist, as well as folders that may be later created there.  A perfect example would be to set an auto-quota on folder that contains users home folders.  Each home folder will automatically have the quota assigned to them.


“Can you set a quota on a per-user basis?”

Not as such, no.  Quotas are really based on the storage being used in and under the folder for which it was defined.


“Can you set quotas on a remote server?”

The FSRM console works in the context of either the local server, or a server it’s connected to remotely.  So, yes, you can set and manage quotas on remote servers.  The caveat is that the remote server must also be running R2, and have the FSRM services installed and running. 


Here is the Step by Step Guide to the File Server Resource Manager.

“Kevin, why did you use that angry picture?”

No special reason.  I just like it.

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