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Happy Valentine’s Day / Update Patch Day!

Valentine kiss for you!Now show your companies some love and patch those computers!

Yes, today is that odd alignment of the planets of the good and the annoying (notice I didn’t say ‘bad’). 

The good: This nice holiday, celebrating love, known as Valentines day.
The annoying: The regular Second-Tuesday of necessary evil, celebrating love, known as Microsoft Patch Tuesday.

And today there are seven updates coming out (official launch of these is at 10:00AM pacific time today).  Two are critical and five are important.

There is also a new Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool that detects and removes several additional known malicious software installations/infestations.

For details on this as well as all security questions you may have, see the Microsoft Security page at http://www.microsoft.com/security.

“So Kevin.. what do I do now?”

Other than making sure your systems are up-to-date, I recommend you go out and by your sweetie some flowers.  And when I say “sweetie”, I’m talking about your system administrator.  He or she needs lovin’, too.