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Branch Office Support – R2 is cool, but can we do more?

Tools If you’ve attended or will be attending any of our TechNet Events this quarter, you know that we’re discussing the benefits of Windows Server 2003 R2 – some of which include some great new branch office management features and tools. 

I just got wind of a live online chat happening on Monday, February 13th, entitled “Branch Office Chat – What Lies Ahead”. 

Here’s the abstract:

“We will talk about technology that is coming in Longhorn and will expose some of the inner working of the development cycle, from requirements gathering and how you could influence it to the road that leads to the release of beta1.”

So it sounds like the team wants to drop some hints about what we’re improving in Longhorn Server, and they would like to get some of your feedback.

Time and place again:
Monday, February 13th, 2006.  10:00AM Pacific Time (GMT – 8). 

Click here on the day and time of the chat to enter:

I’m putting it on my calendar.