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Windows OneCare Live – Pricing is announced

Windows OneCare Live

Back in May of 2005, Microsoft announced OneCare as “system performance, PC maintenance, data protection and security in easy-to-manage service.”

Today the pricing is announced.  $49.95 / year.  Starting June 2006 in the U.S.

“Not bad.”

It gets better. Do you have more than one PC in your home? 

“Yes.  My kid got a laptop for Christmas.”

Many of you do (or did and do now).  How about we let you protect up to 3 PC’s all for that same $49.95?


I thought so, too.  My boys just love installing Spyware.  I think it’s their next best favorite thing next to the 360.

Of course, the press has already picked this up in interesting ways… some of course are proud of their own predictions that Microsoft would undercut the pricing of competitors. 

But why not?  Are we not a business that wants to make money?  (Disclaimer: I’m an unashamed stock-holder and proud employee.  You know that by now if you’ve read much of this blog.) 

Some recent articles report that some security experts have found holes, but the OneCare team has responded to their claims on their blog (See the January 31st posting, “Firewall and Windows OneCare – a multi-layered defense”).

Here’s another cool tidbit.  If you’re on the beta, or if you sign-up for the beta before April 30th and you then convert to being a paid subscriber, your first year of service will be only $19.95. 

“Can I still get the Beta?”

Yes you can!  Here is the OneCare home page, where you can get more information and sign up for the beta. Try it, and if you like it, you’ll have from April 1st to April 30th to sign up for the discounted price.

Final thought:
I really liked this comment on the OneCare blog:

If you don’t sign up with OneCare, we strongly encourage you to do two things. First, tell us why – we want to know how we can improve.  And second, please be sure to subscribe to someone’s service.  Having up-to-date anti-virus and overall PC care protection is essential to keeping your machine safe and healthy.

So… try the beta.  Or not.  Just be secure, please.

What do you think of OneCare?  Too much?  Not enough?  Should they re-think how they trust signed java executables?  Will you try it out?  Is it worth $49.95?  $19.95?