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The Karaoke Challenge – Kile takes me on!

Back in August ‘05 I challenged all comers to a “Karaoke Challenge”.  The idea is – If someone comes out to Karaoke with me, and gets a better crowd reaction, then I’ll give them some software. 

On Thursday of last week at my TechNet Event in St. Louis I mentioned the challenge to my audience.  And at the break a customer (now friend) who will only here be known as “Kile” (and that’s his real name) came up to me during a break and took me up on the challenge!

He was kind enough to give me the address to the Double D Lounge in Brentwood, where we met later that evening.

Here’s a photo of the two of us singing “Pretty Woman” (I sang the high harmony over Kile’s Roy Orbison impression.) 

Click the photo to enlarge.

Kevin and Kile sing Pretty Woman

“So Kevin… Did Kile win the software?”

Well.. we didn’t really compete, because we were just enjoying ourselves and the other “singers”.  I have to confess, though, that he and I were definitely among the best there that evening.  And he has quite a good voice… 

So… YES!  I’m e-mailing him right now to see what he’d like among a couple of choice Microsoft products.

Hey Memphis!  Hey Nashville!  Are you up to the challenge?  I’m coming your way in just a couple weeks, so come to our event (click on the links on your city to register), find out where the local Karaoke is that night, and plan on singing with me!